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Updated: Top 5 Most Important Factors When Selling Your Home in Today’s Market

My latest research shows a new #1 and a new entry on my list of the Top 5 Most Important Home Sales Factors in the current market:

  1. First impression
    This factor moves into the top spot of the list. Buyers, particularly those in the 25-34 year-old bracket, are now taking a cue from their mobile app world — meaning the home has to impress right off the bat from a) the online photos, and b) the walk-up/walk-in moment. You want them to “swipe right” and stay interested.While always of importance, the first impression moment has evolved quickly, mostly because of the emergence of social media. It’s always been a matter of “getting seen and being seen” and now you have to an enhanced “time” dimension: Speed, frequency, and timing.So, get your “showcase” photos done well, and entryway looking exceptional.
  2. Kitchen appeal
    If you want to get the most potential buyers interested in your house, make sure your kitchen doesn’t look dated. That usually means stylish cabinets and countertops, freshly painted walls, and clean appliances.
  3. Pricing strategy
    While there’s nothing you can do about your location, there’s a lot you can do about your pricing strategy. The old school way to determine your selling price was (and still is with most real estate agents) to research the comparable homes in your area (primarily number of bedrooms and baths, and total square footage) and then see what they sold for and finally come up with a price range for your house.And that’s all well and good.But, the BEST way today to create a pricing strategy involves a more sophisticated process which involves evaluating many factors including the individual characteristics of the house, the market’s supply of available properties, the ideal profile(s) of potential buyers knowing how they find, evaluate and make a decision on homes, the timing of market activities/opportunities,…and more. Then, determine the optimal price to maximize interest and offers.And don’t settle for the “old school” method. Call me today to take advantage of our most effective pricing strategy.
  4. “Showing-Ready”
    This is soooo hard to do, and yet, so very smart! Make that, so very, VERY smart! These days, many buyers visit at a moment’s notice and at all hours. Buyers are doing less advanced planning and more “short-notice” showings. That means always having your house in “15-minute showing mode.” Having a prioritized checklist where ONE person can execute all the necessary steps in 15 minutes or less. It almost means that when you’re leaving your house to go to work or go out for any length of time, the house is “showing-ready.” As I said, this is difficult to be disciplined to do, but once it becomes a habit, it’s not so bad. And it pays big dividends.
  5. Effective lighting
    Here’s a new addition to my Top 5. There’s “house lighting” and then there’s “lighting a house” if you know what I mean. Effective lighting presents the inside and the outside of your house to accentuate the visual experience. Until recently, this was an overlooked factor but now it’s a difference-maker. Lighting is most effectively done using angles, coverage balance, location/placement, different color temperatures (and colors), shading/diffusion, etc. Together with natural sunlight and the time of day, lighting can literally change the visual size of a room or a property. Get the expert advice when it comes to lighting your house.

Hope this is informative. Please call me at 847-219-4097 and I’ll help you sell your house using these important factors…and more!