Buying Your Next House with Candy

Trust the Process

When it comes to the home buying process, my focus is on how to achieve the best results for you.

My method provides my clients with useful, valuable, and reliable services to accelerate your purchase and maximize your money.

Candy Kissner's
6-Steps to Successfully Buying Your Home

1. Let's meet!

Ready to buy your home? Step 1 is simple! Just call my cellphone at 847-219-4097.

I'm guessing you already have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for and when you want to buy. I'll bring you the latest market analysis, provide you with an optimal strategy, and identify the best approach.

2. Develop a fluid yet organized plan.

Once we do the research, I'll take the strategy and prioritize our schedule of what we'd like to see and when.

3. Let's Go!

We'll work the schedule and evaluate the possibilities, keeping in mind we're constantly on the lookout for new listings and potential possibilities.

4. Act and Respond

Communication is a critical key to our goal of buying your house. I will always be your primary point of contact. You can rely on my experience and expertise to handle any issues, questions, or requests that occur. All it takes is one call to one

Whether it's scheduling visits, giving feedback, researching answers to questions, taking the pulse of market activity -- basically anything that needs to be acted upon or responded to -- I am on top of it.

5. Get to Yes!

Ongoing dialogue is essential throughout the buying process and especially during the negotiation phase. You want to have an expert negotiator on your side who can effectively navigate the waters and get everyone to the finish line.

6. The Grand Finale

After all your time, emotional investment and effort, I'll make sure everything involved for closing is handled smoothly for your peace of mind so you can enjoy the completed sale and move on to your new adventure.


Candy Kissner, Real Estate Broker


I am passionate about helping people get their homes sold.

When you work with me, we're going to get your house sold in the most effective way possible and you're going to be happy with the results.

Want proof? Please look at my reviews. I work very hard to earn each 5-star rating and I'm thrilled to have built every one of those great relationships. 


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