Just a bit of extra effort is needed to showcase your property’s selling points during the cold, snowy months.

Don’t listen to the Debbie Downers. While it’s generally true that spring and fall are the primetime seasons for selling your house, situations often dictate that homeowners put their property on the market during the winter. The more realistic perspective is that with mobile apps and more than enough information online selling in the winter is not as tough as the pessimists believe.

The supply of competing homes for sale is lower than average (better for you!), and the fact is buyers are looking year-round. And think about this…if you list your home during the winter, potential buyers won’t critique the landscaping! But keep in mind these 4 Sweet Tips when listing your home during the winter months.

1. Be sure the front door is easy to get to!

Clear snow and ice off your driveway, sidewalk and any pathways where potential buyers may walk. Put down some ice melt if temps are below freezing.

You already know that buyers will want to see the home at almost any time of any day so stay up on keeping the walkways clean and clear. Especially be aware of this if your agent uses a lockbox for showings because you could get a request for a last-minute showing without much notice.

2. Keep the house heated comfortably.

A warm home means a welcoming home. If a house is cold, that’s bad for a buyer’s first impression. There’s no getting around a chilly first entrance.

Sweet Tip that’s totally hot: Be sure the house is warm and comfy.

3. (If you’ve got one) Showcase your fireplace.

Talk about the advantages of winter showings! If you have a fireplace in your home, now’s the time to make it a glowing benefit. Buyers especially love going through an open house when the fireplace is adding a special ambiance and provides a comforting visual focus.

Of course, make sure the fireplace is efficiently clean and working properly.

4. Let buyers see the outside and envision its beauty during the other seasons.

In the warmer months, it’s not uncommon for buyers to step out on the deck, down into the yard and into the landscaping. They will want to see the outdoor space and get a feel for the lot and the land.

Potential buyers in the winter may be less inclined to walk around the grounds, but they will still want to know what’s there. So whatever outdoor attributes are out there, be sure they’re visible from inside. Help them visualize the outside at its best by featuring warm weather photos of the grounds in your marketing brochure and website listings, too.

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